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Goreps Infotech was founded in 2012 to help the non IT sectors to accomplish their IT goals with a better ROI and flexibility to integrate with future IT trends. Since 60’s IT industry has been constantly changing and evolving to an unpredictable space till date. Companies across the world have always strived hard to understand the myth around IT industry but their quest to IT has not moved to the next level yet. IT solutions always sound to be an expensive term for most of the small and medium businesses till now. For large corporations IT solutions has always been a significant KPI but yet expensive.

Goreps Infotech has been founded by a team of IT business experts who has always worked with various IT giants to implement unique & innovative IT solutions. Our IT experts are able to look the IT requirements from your business perspective. Whether the solution is to buy, build, outsource or subscribe, Goreps Infotech works closely with your business and helps to choose the right option, so that your business can sustain the IT solution for years with a better ROI.

Goreps Infotech’s business experts have played a vital role in the outsourcing industry evolution since 2000. Our IT experts have delivered many great, mission critical and innovative projects despite of cultural and time zone conflicts between countries. Setting and managing a common goal between virtual teams is one of our strong project management expertises. We consistently pursue that height and keep our clients happy around us.

Goreps Infotech is the leading provider of truly integrated technology and business solutions across the globe. We don’t just sell technology. We work closely with our clients and partners to identify problems, develop solutions and uncover opportunities.

Our happy clients are willing to discuss their wonderful experience with you. Contact us to know more about our services and solutions.

News Updates
  • October 02 2012Goreps Infotech has signed a strategic partnership deal with a Melbourne based leading financial service provider.
  • August 02 2013Goreps Infotech has partnered with a Toronto based NPO to offer its IT solutions and IT Project Management services from the 4th Quarter of 2013.
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