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Our services offer an outstanding project management experience with on time delivery guarantee for your project. We designed our project management service by keeping some of the key essential facts in mind, that is, any project that is delayed loses its success probability or reduces its ROI/Pay Back period. We know exactly what it takes to be on time and to be a leader.

IT Project Management

It may be the traditional Waterfall methodology which requires extensive planning and documentation or the modern Agile methodology which requires less planning and extensive client coordination, Goreps Infotech’s project managers are excelled in what they do and what they deliver. Our strength & experience truly comes from the lessons learned from the past project management experience.

Identifying the projects risks upfront and planning risk mitigation is the key to any projects success. Our experienced project managers have proven track record of identifying & analyzing risks during the initiation or planning phase of various projects. A proper risk management plan increases the success probability of any project.

A good project manager can change the story line of your project. An experienced project manager can bring a two month behind the schedule project within your planned schedule and save your project from exceeding the planned budget or running out of funds and raising more funds for the same scope of the project or can save your project from reaching the market late. Our project managers know from their experience, which tasks need to be delegated to which skills to accomplish the tasks goal on time within your projects budget and without affecting your projects quality.

Our tools and techniques to manage the projects differ with the stakeholders involved. We understand that the communication protocol is not the same throughout the world or differs from industry to industry. Our reporting tools are catered to meet your requirements and to provide your management/stakeholders with a clear and quick high level understanding of the projects progress.

Our project managers will be available 24/7 from kick-off to sign-off of your projects and keep all the stakeholders intact by updating them on the progress throughout the project tenure.

Contact us to know more about our project management experience and to talk to our satisfied clients to know our IT project management services better!

News Updates
  • October 02 2012Goreps Infotech has signed a strategic partnership deal with a Melbourne based leading financial service provider.
  • August 02 2013Goreps Infotech has partnered with a Toronto based NPO to offer its IT solutions and IT Project Management services from the 4th Quarter of 2013.
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